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Behind Yogumel is AB-BIOTICS, a biotechnology company specialised in microbiota with more than 20 years of experience.


Probióticos en sobre con evidencia científica

Innovation and development of tested probiotics

AB-BIOTICS is a biotechnology company founded in 2004 at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Our mission is to develop clinically documented probiotics, and our main efforts are focused on the fields of innovation, research and development.

More than 20 years developing probiotic supplements

We have been in the food biotechnology sector for more than 20 years developing probiotic food supplements to boost health. We specialise in the research of live bacteria with health benefits (probiotics) and in boosting health through the modulation of the microbiota (or gut flora).

biotecnologia alimentaria
Actual photo of the probiotic bacterial strains found in Yogumel Digestion
Probióticos naturales patentados

200 patents and more than 1,000 of our own bacterial strains

Today we have more than 200 patents worldwide and our own collection of over 1,000 bacterial strains. Each year we reinvest 25% of revenue into R&D with a constant focus on developing products that, like Yogumel, help boost health using probiotic bacterial strains.

Probióticos en sobres

The science behind Yogumel

At AB-BIOTICS we have ensured that Yogumel contains the best ingredients:

Properly produced (fresh, live freeze-dried cultures)
Specific, laboratory-studied bacteria
Unique, patented and clinically tested probiotics
Allergen free and with no genetically modified products
In short, a high-quality final product with clinical validation

What makes us different?


We develop probiotic solutions for a wide range of indications, including skin, paediatric, immune, digestive, brain and heart health.


You will find our products as food supplements or pharmaceuticals around the world.


We collaborate with our customers (pharmaceutical industry) to bring the public science-based probiotics that improve health and well-being.


With Yogumel we also wanted to bring clinically tested probiotics to the consumer in the form of homemade, tasty, healthy and sustainable yoghurt.

La biotecnologia de AB-Biotics

At AB-BIOTICS we specialise in the following therapeutic areas

Salud gastrointestinal

Gastrointestinal health

Salud pediàtrica


Salud oral

Oral health

Salud del corazón

Cardiometabolic health

Salud cerebral

Brain health

Skin health


Immune health

Salud de la mujer

Women’s health

Salud ocular

Eye health

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Yogumel probiotic yoghurt

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